Industries That Rely Heavily on Mobile Crane Hire

The crane has always been an essential component since the start of the Industrial Revolution, and even before that, crude forms of lifting devices were invented to assist in the lifting of heavy materials. Today’s mobile crane is extremely versatile and can handle many lifts and here are just a few of the industries that work closely with the mobile crane company.

  • Port Authorities – Here you will find a range of cranes; overhead cranes are mainly used for loading and unloading, while they do have a few mobile cranes to unload materials. Without these huge overhead cranes, supermarket shelves would quickly empty, as most goods arrive by sea in massive container vessels.
  • Mining – All mines need heavy lifting for a number of reasons; they require heavy mining equipment to be lifted into position, while some mines use huge bucket cranes to load the dumper trucks with ore. If you are looking for crane hire in Perth, WA, a Google search will help you to find an established crane hire firm that services you region.
  • Railways – Heavy locomotion engines are often repaired and serviced, which might require the unit to be lifted on and off the tracks. They also use special cranes to lift and move rail sections, which are heavy and made from steel.
  • Industrial Plants – Most industrial plants have at least one mobile crane, or perhaps there are gantry or overhead cranes, if lifting is often required.
  • Construction – Where would the building sector be without cranes? Tower cranes are always needed when building high rise structures; long jibs enable safe lifting and tower cranes are extended as the building evolves. Mobile cranes are often hired to unload heavy trucks that bring in generators, HVAC components and other equipment that is to be installed.
  • Ship Building – The shipyards have custom made overhead cranes to lift sections into place, indeed, some shipyards use cranes to lift vessels into a dry dock area where work to the hull can be carried out.
  • Manufacturing – Some factories rely heavily on gantry cranes top carry out their work, with fixed crane structures that enable rapid assembly and there would be a team of engineers to make sure that all heavy lifting equipment is safe and in good working order.

If you should ever be in need of specialist heavy lifting, the best place to start your quest for a crane hire company is with a Google search.

Post Author: Emma Ava.