Importance of Getting Genuine Parts for Auto Mobile


Original spare parts were used to create automobiles so when one part is damaged one needs to replace it with a genuine one,with emphasis on genuine. If the vehicle is damaged either by accident or lack of maintenance, it is necessary to fit it back with a genuine part. The best place to get genuine spare parts is mostly from the manufacturer because they are the only ones to give a maximum warranty for genuine spare parts. Counterfeit spare parts mostly look like genuine ones but with close observation, they aren’t. They can’t give exactly what genuine spare parts would give.

Reasons why you need genuine spare parts

There are so many reasons why one needs to use genuine spare parts for automobiles, besides the very obvious reasons, some other crucial reasons will be briefly highlighted below.

Safety: The safety of the driver and the family is important which is the reason all cars need original spare parts and not counterfeit. By purchasing a fake spare part, the life of the driver is at risk and even road users. Some might be lucky when buying counterfeit spare parts, but the fact that A temporarily gets away with it doesn’t mean B would be lucky too. But the question remains, is A truly safe?

Longevity: All automobiles have their life span, durability, strength, and power. Since automobiles are used every day then it is bound to be faulty so whenever this happens one needs to get good and genuine spare parts for it to reach or achieve these features.

Resale: Another important advantage of using a genuine spare part is for resale, it would be easy for the owner to resell at a good price to the new buyer, if the car is not in good condition due to counterfeit spare part, then there won’t be a good price bargain between the two parties.

Excessive spending: we all know counterfeit spare parts are cheaper than the original ones. They tend to influence the driver’s performance and life span of the vehicle. Also, you will keep replacing them often and with this, you spend more on cost and labor. Replacing counterfeit spare parts can be annoying. One needs to replace the damaged part with a genuine one to save one from eventually spending even more money and stress, while at it you also have to ensure to engage the services of a competent auto shop repair.

Quality: Replacing the spoilt part with a genuine one is like replacing it directly with the one from the factory,i.e. When one buys genuine spare parts then one is buying the one with the same production line in the manufacturing company. You are buying what your car needs exactly.

Time-saving: Getting genuine spare parts saves time because you go directly to the authorized manufacturer to pick the right spare part and fix it to the vehicle other than comparing options and the amount of the spare parts and its compatibility.


All car owners and road users must bear in mind that there are more advantages in getting genuine spare parts than disadvantages because the car tends to serve its purpose, durability,amongst many others. When next your vehicle part is faulty and needs to be replaced, please go for the genuine one, safety first!

Post Author: Emma Ava.